If you like to explore sensory play, the tingling sensation of lightly scratching the skin, or a bit more pain, maybe you need to look into a Wartenberg Wheel. Also known as a pinwheel, a neuro wheel, or a spiked wheel, the Wartenberg Wheel has a history in the medical world, but kinksters quickly took the challenge to find ways to use this almost sadistic looking device in fun ways. Plus, with a reasonable price, the barrier to entry into this play is very low!


Let Me Spin You A Tale

Robert Wartenberg created his tool for neurological use to systematically test nerve sensitivity to ensure that the brain was fully processing nerve impulses. The design was simple, a handle with a free-spinning wheel that includes spikes with sharp tips, allowing for repeated interval pressure stimulation to the skin. Some have one wheel, some have multiple, some have larger tips, and some have smaller. 

There are three main materials used in Wartenberg Wheels:

Stainless Steel: This is the best choice due to the durability and easy sterilization.

Chrome-Plated Iron: This option is cheaper but has the ability to chip if not taken care of properly. These can also be easily sterilized.

Plastic: Aside from the color options and the affordability, these are far less durable and should be considered more disposable and for limited use. Great for color coordinating a scene.

The design has not changed much in the 100+ years of its existence, but the uses have!

Wheel 2

Taking A Spin Around The Block

Simply roll the Wartenberg Wheel over the skin. There you go! End of story.

NOT! Setting the scene, alternating pressure, and more can help build tension, change the sensation, and deliver amazing results!

Different areas of the both respond differently and end up creating different sensations and reactions. Explore and have fun! Communicate with your partner(s) verbally or non-verbally, looking for moans, winces, giggles, laughter, or pained expressions to figure out exactly how the wheel can be used to enhance both of your experiences. For example, run it slowly along sensitive areas such as the side of the torso or the inner thighs to create help your partner(s) dive right into the experience.

Even though it may seem simple, vary the pressure, angle, and speed. Depending on the area of the body, different pressures and speeds may cause different responses. Consider the difference between thin skin and a meatier area of the body.

Explore temperature play if you are using metal Wartenberg Wheels. This can take the tingle to a whole new level of excitement.

Don’t be afraid to explore the genitals and nipples! While you may be nervous considering the pointed nature, start slowly and lightly until you find an appropriate usage of the wheel in these areas. My personal favorite is using the wheels on the nipples.

As SHOCKING as it may seem, metal wheels can be used with your favorite electro-box or violet wand. This can amp up the tingling sensation quite a bit and bridge interest in electro for a newbie. 

Wheel 3

Aftercare is Important!

Even if the Wartenberg Wheel seems simple, you should consider the basic rules of safe, sane, and consensual play. Be aware that you can break the skin with this toy and should take appropriate precautions. Examine the areas on which the wheel was used, looking from cuts, punctures, and tears. Dress the wounds with a disinfectant and bandages, at minimum. Finally, consider using a lotion and massaging your partner(s) to soothe the skin. When it comes to sterilizing the Wartenberg Wheel itself, use a 10% bleach to water solution and dry thoroughly.

Now, go get off!

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