Power, control, anonymity, work, dirty, seduction... these are few words that may come to mind when you think of gloves. None is more correct than another, and each may relate to a specific memory or sensation that resonates differently with different people. One thing is for certain; gloves can be downright SEXY!

Sexy Man with Gloves

Form Follows Function

At first glance, gloves have little to do with sex or fetishes, and their practical uses make them seem almost mundane. Whether to provide additional grip or protect the hands during combat, gloves were meant to solve problems. Gloves are used when cleaning, working on dirty or dangerous jobs, boxing, driving, medical exams, and yes... during sex. The materials used to make the gloves depend on the application, which means there are as many types of gloves as fetishes for their use!

Working Gloves

Cleanliness is Next to Kinkiness

The use of latex and nitrile gloves in sexual scenes can vary from safety to submission. Many use these gloves as a safety measure in fisting scenes, smooth the hand's surface, help prevent transmission of body fluids, and make cleanup a breeze. But don't limit yourself to safety; consider expanding your use of these gloves to other play scenes such as Dom/sub play. Have your submissive throw on a pair of latex cleaning gloves and scrub the floor in a skimpy thong or jockstrap. Have them wash the dishes in a skimpy thong or jockstrap. Have I mentioned I like thongs and jockstraps? However you use these gloves, your imagination is the limit to how kinky they can become.

Gloves - Cleaning

Touch Me Til I Can Get My Satisfaction

The sensation of touch is a powerful component of sex and kink. The addition of gloves can add a new dimension to this seemingly exhausted sensation. Throw on a pair of gloves and let the barrier between skin help you both explore your body in new ways. Add some lube to the mix and give your partner a massage. Enjoy masturbation alone or with your partner(s), and let the gloves heighten the sensation. Grab a blindfold, and the use of gloves will heighten the sense of touch, turning a simple caress or spanking into a journey.

Touch Rubber Gloves

Whatever type of gloves you love, remember to have fun and check-in with your partner(s) as you explore!

Now, go get off!

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