Webster's dictionary defines "humble" as "reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission." This unassuming and simple device may, in fact, seem humble, but that's not why it gets the name "humbler." Designed to put and keep a submissive partner in their place, this toy is not for the faint of heart!

Rack ‘Em and Crack ‘Em

If you are into CBT and want to amp things up, a humbler is a great next step! Designed to push the limits of your submissive, use it to restrain, punish, humiliate, and satisfy all at the same time. Ergonomic yet devious, a humbler is usually a set of two curved pieces with a testicle "cuff" in the middle. The two pieces are sandwiched together on either side of the ball sack and joined, then tightened, usually with wing nuts. The submissive will be forced onto their knees as the humbler sits behind the upper thighs, keeping them nearly immobile... and humbled. Any attempts to straighten their legs will tug the balls, so crawling on hands and knees is the only way for them to move.

Pleasure and Pain

Try incorporating spanking or electro play into your play to force the submissive to control their body's response to the stimulation or face a punitive tug. As always, remember that you must check in with your submissive to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Consider an edging session with your submissive. Not only will the teasing be fun for your both, but as your submissive reaches climax over and over, their balls will tighten up towards the body, pulling tightly against the humbler. Pleasure and pain. The holy grail of BDSM.

Safety First!

A few notes on safety and you are ready to get started! Consider trimming the pubic hair to prevent pulling. Also, take care to position the ball sack appropriately to prevent pinching the skin while tightening. If you choose to incorporate spanking into the scene, be careful with the amount of force used. You don't want your submissive to be pushed forward too hard or quickly, as it can be painful and even dangerous.

Once you understand how to use the humbler, I'm sure it will become a mainstay in your Dom/sub scenes!

Now, go get off!

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