Prowler Red - Rider Leather Pants

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In the realm of fetish play, there are no limits! You can make your filthiest and naughtiest fantasies come to life, and these Prowler RED Rider Leather Jeans should be the star of the show. As soon as you glide them on to your skin, you’ll have the assertiveness of a man in charge, immediately letting your partner know that you’re in control.

Our Prowler RED brothers are the dirtier version of us, so just imagine the sexy scenarios that will run through your mind when you wear these leather jeans. The look of them is sure to get your playmate hard and close to bursting, but what about you? Well, this pair come equipped with padding around the crotch that can be unzipped at a moment’s notice.

So, if you cannot wait any longer, feel free to unleash the beast within! Or, you could get your playmate to do the work for you. As well as looking the part, these Prowler RED Rider Leather Jeans feel amazing against your skin. They have been manufactured from the highest quality leather, with the material clinging to every part of your skin.

Not only will you get pulses racing with the sensual leather look, but you’ll also be able to show off your sculpted thighs and pert bum. There is no doubt that you’ll drive your man wild while wearing these jeans, but perhaps you’d prefer to see him don the look instead. Then, you can be the one to unzip!

If you’re into BDSM and enjoy a bit of spanking, then these leather jeans are perfect as the waist allows for a 5cm width belt. The slim fit pair also boast four pockets and they’re low waist, so you can show off your bare torso. Alternatively, team the jeans up with a harness, leather shirt or any other garment you want!

I’m sure you would agree that leather jeans look much better when sculpted around your body, but if you would prefer a looser fit, then go for it! The range comes in sizes 28 inch to 38 inch, so pick the most comfortable pair for you.