Breedwell - Blacklight Icon Socks - Neon Pink

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These BLACKLIGHT ICON SOCK is the perfect example of our design style: bold, graphic, and modern.

These socks are knee-high and made of washable, comfortable, and durable ribbed fabric. Like all BREEDWELL products, attention is paid to every detail - and the ICON SOCK, featuring BREEDWELL’S exciting new logo design, is no exception. Our new logo is a sharp series of black lines and shapes that pool at the foot, run up the leg, and hug your calf muscle. It’s a design that is unmistakably BREEDWELL, and you’ll be proud to wear ‘em when the lights are on and when they’re off. 

Did we mention that on the sole of the BREEDWELL ICON SOCK it says FU*K? We didn’t? Oh. Well it does.