Pride 2022 - A Message From The Owners

Today is the day.  Today is THE day. TODAY is the day!

No matter how you say it, Pride in Houston is in FULL SWING! And we could not be more proud of our community and all it has accomplished in the past year. From our fantastic drag performers to our bartenders to our small business owners, the LGBTQ+ community has SHOWN UP this year!

Even in the wake of the news of today's SCOTUS decision in overturning Roe v. Wade and the destructive divisive language in the opinion penned by Clarence Thomas challenging our rights as LGBTQ+ Americans, we at The Montrose Forge are still PROUD. Pride started, even in Houston, as a protest. We cannot forget that the reason we celebrate Pride is not to be boastful but to show the world that we are stronger than the forces that have tried to hold us down. So this weekend, march and celebrate as if your rights depended on it. Because they do.

In the year since our last Pride season, we have also lost some of the most vulnerable amongst us. We are speaking of the transgender and queer folk. You know, the "T," the "Q," and the "+" in that community in which we take so much pride? Without the entire rainbow, the tapestry of life is simply not as vibrant. So keep Za'niyah Williams, Martina Caldera, and Paloma Vazquez in your thoughts as you march and celebrate as if your lives depend on it. Because they do.

While Pride may be "over" after the last bit of confetti is swept up from the streets of downtown this weekend, it never really ends. Pride is with us year round because every breath we take is an act of defiance.

So this weekend, stay hydrated, celebrate, march, and tell your friends and family you love them for exactly who they are. Tip your bartenders. Tip your entertainers. Shop local. Shop small. But most of all, be PROUD.

With love, respect, and PRIDE
-Chip and Tank