Our Response to COVID-19

Updated March 9th, 2021

The Montrose Forge will continue to require face masks for shopping in person at our main and bar store locations.  We ask that our customers help us in our commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.  We will continue to observe our COVID-19 policies and procedures as listed here, and welcome your suggestions of ways in which we can improve both safety and customer service during this time.  For those unable to wear a mask, we do offer curbside pickup and shipping.

Our Commitment

We will be following all safety recommendations and procedures indicated by the state as well as implementing some new policies to maintain the safety and health of our customers and employees. Staff will be wearing masks and sanitizing products and surfaces after fittings and such. We also ask that customers not enter the clothing area in our bar location without working with our clerk's assistance.

We are thrilled to open again, see you all, and continue to serve our community. During these uncertain times, we are lucky to have the support of our local community.

Many people ask us why we are called "The Montrose Forge." The process of forging steel involves high heat to melt and mix materials. Immense pressure is used to mold it. Care and discipline are needed to create a strong yet beautiful piece. Our community is Forged in Leather. We are Forged Together. And together, will we move forward stronger than ever.

In Store Precautions

As mentioned, our staff will be wearing masks and sanitizing surfaces. We will also offer hand sanitizer for our customers' convenience.

We request that customers follow precautions that are available to you and convenient, taking your safety and the safety of our customers into account.  We require customers to wear masks in our store in order to shop with us.  Should you be unable to do so, we offer curbside pickup and will be more than happy to serve you with this convenience. In our community, we have several people with compromised immune systems, and exposure is difficult to control.

Sanitizing Gear and Leather

Some valid concerns have been raised concerning the sanitization of leather goods without damaging the leather while still ensuring the safety of our customers and staff. UV light and saddle soap will be used to address these concerns. Soap, as we know, is an effective way to kill the virus as it removes the fatty layer that holds the virus together. UV light, specifically Germicidal UV (UV-C) light, disrupts the organization of a virus’s RNA, thereby causing the virus to fall apart. The Montrose Forge has a history of cleaning and sanitizing leather using both methods, which you may remember from our free program after Hurricane Harvey, where we rescued leather in versions states of distress. Mold, septic tank water, and standing stagnant water were no match for our sanitation and conditioning regimen, which saved thousands of dollars of leather goods.

We proudly serve the Houston community and will continue to do our best to ensure your safety, the safety of our staff, and the quality of our products.