Yes, it is true. The Montrose Forge has moved from our Fairview locations. It has been a tough time, but we believe we are tougher. We believe in community, and in turn, our community has been ever so gracious in believing in us. Over the last five-plus years, The Montrose Forge has had the honor and privilege of working with our local LGBTQ+ and Leather communities to forge a stronger community through countless events, fundraisers, and hard work. We are also humbled to be voted as 2021 Gayest and Greatest - Best Place to Buy Erotic Playthings. And even more so to have one of our owners, Chip, be voted as 2021 Gayest and Greatest - Best Non-Binary Business Person. Yes, a few of us cried. And we all felt the love.

As you may already know, The Montrose Forge has moved into the Heights and merged with our other store, Darling Way. We have received a ton of support during this transition, and for that, we are thankful. And we ask you all to be patient as we remodel and rebrand this space into something extraordinary: Lilith's Way and The Toy Box by The Montrose Forge. Half sexy boudoir / Half dungeon, we want everybody and EVERY BODY to feel welcome, comfortable, and sexy in our new home.

The Toy Box


Rest assured, you have not seen the last of The Montrose Forge in Montrose! Many of you have already come out to support us at our first pop-up shop events at Buddy's, and we are ever so grateful! We are still committed to supporting events, fundraisers, and organizations and conducting demonstrations and events throughout the neighborhood. We are scouting locations for a bigger, better store! We are here to stay, and we can't do this without you, nor would we want to. 

While most of the feedback we have received has been positive, we want to take a moment to address some of the negative feedback. The common theme in the negative feedback has been, "well, I won't want to shop with women." We have heard the feedback. We have processed it. And we want to be very clear: WE DO NOT CARE. If someone chooses not to shop with us because we have selections catering to women, trans people, non-binary people, and so on... we don't want their business. Our staff is comprised of people spanning all those identities and more! By the way, many of them are some of the most qualified individuals that you will find anywhere. We know who we are and what we value.

While we know this stance may cost us a few customers, we would rather take that hit than turn our back on anyone in our community. Our commitment to our community will not be dictated by bigoted, sexist, and outdated viewpoints. We hope that those people will reconsider, visit us, and see our fantastic evolution. But if not, the loss is theirs and theirs alone.  

In the meantime, we want to share some information to show the significant impact of various people in our community. Maybe understanding how we got our rights and freedoms through their struggle will help in understanding our stance.

If you are still reading, thank you not only for sticking with us through this blog but for sticking with us over the years. Your support is what keeps this small, local, queer, and veteran-owned business open.  

With unending love and humility,

Chip and Tank, and The Montrose Forge Team