It has been a while since we have blogged, but the conclusion on 2022 seems like the appropriate time.  There is so much to tell and so many things we want to share!  The year was a mixed bag of emotions, as are most, but this year seemed strikingly different.  So, where to begin?

With the passing of several personal friends and community icons, it was often difficult to find the joy and peace that we all so desperately wanted.  Like many of you, these losses stopped us in our tracks while we tried to figure out what to do next.  But knowing those that passed would never sit idly by while there was work to do was the fuel we needed to keep pushing forward.  If 2022 taught us anything, it is to show those you love and appreciate just how much they mean to you while you can.  Time flies by.

In the spring, we underwent a massive transformation as a business.  Did you know that 90% of our leather goods are now made in-house in our Design Studio in The Heights?  We source all our materials, design, and construct our goods from scratch.  We have had the honor of making custom pieces for several leather contests and events.  And we even offer alteration and cleaning services for your leather goods.  Simultaneously, we launched a line of self-care products including beard oil, beard balm, soap, and a luxuriously moisturizing masturbation lube!

With this transformation, we also launched our wholesale line.  It was a scary prospect, for sure, but we quickly found out how exciting this adventure was.  Not only are The Montrose Forge branded goods being sold in 3 stores in Houston, we are now available in 13 stores across the United States!  If that wasn't exciting enough, we are so proud to also be carried in 5 stores across Germany,  Ireland, and Canada!  So on your travels, be sure to look for our gear.

We want to take a moment to brag on our Team for a moment.  The Montrose Forge and Lilith's Way team have been working their buns off all year to keep up the hustle, from pop-up markets, parties, special events, and our transformation.  Martin and Franki are at the helm of our flagship store in The Heights, offering impeccable advice and customer service.  Christian is a one man machine, crafting our leather goods with attention to detail, speed, and a keen eye for design.  And as always, Tank and Chip are manning the office and keeping things running behind the scenes.

But we have left out one key thing.  Our amazing community.  Without you, we would not be able to keep pushing.  We have leaned on each other this year to cry together in our losses and to rejoice in celebration of our mutual successes.  One this is for certain, though... together, we can do anything.

Here is to a fabulous 2023.  We look forward to serving our community another year.


Now, go get off!

Chip and Tank

The Montrose Forge and Lilith's Way Team