2020 Middle Finger

Well, 2020 sucked. And definitely not in the good way! Not only were we separated from our communities, but we were also separated from our families. Both biological and chosen. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would need to use our safeword outside of a playspace, but to 2020 I say, “Kartoffel!*”

At The Montrose Forge, we not only kept the lights on, we hustled like never before to keep as many of our staff employed as possible. We expanded our website offerings and began shipping across the country. All the while, we stayed focused one goal: We will reopen and re-hire all of our staff. And as we remained focused, the community, both local and nationally, showed up to support us in ways we were not expecting.

Once we were able to reopen for curbside pickup, seeing the faces of our customers again was so exciting. People began telling us how much they missed us and were looking forward to our reopening. Like a generous whisper of “good boy” in a long session, it gave us what we needed to keep pushing forward.

And here we are, at the end of 2020, and we are BACK! We are growing and evolving to better, more safely, and more dynamically serve our communities in 2021. You could say 2020 was a tough teacher at a fetish convention. It put us through our paces, we were a little shaken up by theexperience, but we are wiser and ready for new challenges. And we are ready to challenge you, too!

Keep standing up and turning up for your community and for the most vulnerable of them all. Resist injustice and inequality in all its forms. Live your lives to their fullest, remembering that every breath you take is an act of rebellion.

Many people ask us why we are called "The Montrose Forge." The process of forging steel involves high heat to melt and mix materials. Immense pressure is used to mold it. Care and discipline are needed to create a strong yet beautiful piece. Our community is Forged in Leather. We are Forged Together. And together, will we move forward stronger than ever.

Now, go get off!

Chip and Tank

* "Kartoffel" is German for "potato"